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Make use of the Story Highlights option for your page, these are stories that you’ve shared that you want to stick to the top of your account. Highlights are a great way to share content that may not suit your feed aesthetically but are important to share. Below, Lulu Lemon has highlighted and categorized interesting and relevant stories. But before you do, make sure that you can get a guarantee on ROI. What you’re looking for is someone with an engaged audience, not necessarily a large number of Instagram followers. Remember that 1-2% of engagement is a minimum for working with someone.



People can always read quotes online; they don’t need you for that. Always aim to motivate your audience through personal experiences and by connecting with them at a deeper level. Nicole Liolios’ superpower may be in the gym, but her strength clearly shines in her ability to connect with others. By doing so I hope to maximize my reach in less crowded hashtags searches, and increase the chance of users viewing my post. For example, instead of using the hashtag #fitness, I will use #fitnessforwomen. Content creation is so important when it comes to Instagram growth, especially with the current algorithm in place.



Your posts will start getting more comments and people may want to reach out to you on DM for advice, inspiration, or questions. Edit your photos before throwing them on your Instagram account, take pictures by windows or outdoors and play with the brightness/contrast to create high-quality images. Good-looking images can get so much more engagement, so take your time optimizing and designing your Instagram posts. Switching your personal account to an Instagram business account will give you many extra features that you will find very useful to grow your follower base.



As you get larger and grow your account, you can start working with larger accounts, driving a lot of followers to each. Read more about buy real instagram followers here. Creating not just fitness, but also any other content that is relevant and paves the way to attract an audience is not a random process. It needs to be well thought out and a systematic approach for the same. This article will help you get a clear understanding of how to create fitness content that will connect with your audience.



Pinterest is very much a search engine, so it’s important to understand how its SEO works so you make the most out of the platform. As Pinterest is also well known for the amount of shopping that is done on the platform, it’s no surprise to learn that 41% of U.S. adults who make $75,000 or more are on Pinterest. By the end of 2020, Pinterest had nearly half a billion monthly active users, with 98 million of those located in the US. Out of Facebook’s massive 2.8 billion monthly active users, the majority of those are in India , the United States , Indonesia , and Brazil . With over a quarter of the world’s population on Facebook, you’re likely to find at least one segment of your audience. With episodes about diet and exercise, interviews with professionals, and a lot of personality, this podcast can be great inspiration for your own idea.



A business account will offer you extra tools and features—like choosing a category for your account and offering an email CTA on your profile. Include highlights for your key fitness services, client testimonials, press coverage your receive, and info about upcoming events and programs. They’ll be one of the first spots new followers go, so make it count!



Adding short DIY videos of simple workouts, exercises, and healthy recipes can also help you increase engagement. Jeanette Jenkins, a fitness expert with over 30 years of experience, regularly shares short exercise videos on her Instagram account. Share photos and recipes of breakfast, lunch, or dinner items. Nora Minno, a personal trainer and fitness expert, does this consistently on her Instagram account.



From there, copy and paste the code where you want it to go on your website. Post an image advertising your giveaway, sale or contest, and ask users to repost that image with a specific custom hashtag to enter. Search for that hashtag to see who has reposted it, and pick a winner. Promotions allow your customers and followers to market your brand for you by talking about your promotion on their profiles, driving more people to your profile. If you decide to run a contest or sweepstakes, be sure to follow social media contest guidelines. It can be tempting to share photos of food, fashion and animals because they’re popular on the platform.



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