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To commemorate this milestone, we would like to take a moment to reflect on the success, challenges, and immense growth our company has experienced over the last two decades. Since ArtTactic’s genesis in 2001, the art world at large has undergone remarkable changes that have both influenced and been influenced by ArtTactic’s quest for market transparency. Traditionally, the art world has been defined by its opacity and the informational chasm dividing industry insiders and outsiders. Until the early 2000s, even those considered ‘insiders’ – namely art buyers and sellers – willing to do their due diligence, had a hard time finding the right market intelligence to inform their multi-million-dollar consumer decisions. This is exactly the asymmetrical gap in information Anders Petterson saw that led him to create ArtTactic in 2001 amid the data revolution – a movement that created sweeping and lasting change for the art market, not to mention the global economy. Currently, artists and art institutions struggle to address the colonialist roots that lay the foundation of the art world.



One of the best features of crypto art, he explained, was knowing where your work winds up. Even more interesting, an artwork can be owned by a large number of people through blockchain-based tokenization, making art and art collecting far more accessible and more democratic. For one, it allows previously untradable artworks to be made available to the art market, which is especially beneficial to public institutions that continuously lack funding. Conservators have developed their approaches across an exceptionally wide array of artworks. Groups working to develop NFT appraisal standards will need to embrace the complexity, variety, and mutability of works inhabiting the NFT space.



While our 2018 report explored the top 1,300 young artists chosen by a variety of qualitative and quantitative data, this year’s report narrows our focus and explores the emerging artists of 2021 using auction sales to select the Top 100. Growing from our 2018 report, we evaluated these young artists’ by paying special attention to the cultural factors that contribute to their commercial success. Waiting to re-auction a previously burned work could be the best option for a consigner considering our findings of a very small success rate for these previously bought in works. To increase the value when re –auctioning a lot, the data proves that longer wait times are more lucrative.



Our research found that burned lots are often re-sold at a different auction house and in a different location. This could indicate the consigner losing trust in an auction house after failure to sell the first time, and/or attempting to press their luck in a new market. Read more about buy instagram followers here. It’s a Pass found that the majority (64.7%) of lots that were originally bought-in at Christie’s were re-sold through a different auction house while Sotheby’s retained 64% of sales.



Thus, the appropriate time to sell the NFT depends on what NFT it is and the intention when buying the NFT. The transaction cost used to depend on the time of day and the price of Ethereum. Accordingly, selling NFTs isn’t only meant for creators. An NFT allows you to own the original version of the item. The purpose of the built-in authentication is to show proof of ownership.



An information package that includes both provenance research and technical art history provides the most secure starting point from which to obtain a connoisseurial opinion or to bring a work to sale. There is something disconcerting about these market movements. The endless cycle of flipping, the voracious appetite for scarcity following an artists death, the perverse speed at which their sales figures can rise when they receive the right attention.



At that point the problem wouldn't be the "copies" but the "original" NFT. If they instead craft a copy without crafting the original smart contract, that would be easily spotted. Your nyan cat besides being unique, has also an "origin", the smart contract, and that can be easily being verified.



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